Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to Create a Job for Yourself

In this day and age, finding a job is increasingly difficult. If you can't find a the job for you, why not create it?

1. Plan. In order to create a job for yourself, you need to think about how exactly you will go about it, what you will do. Set aside a notebook or folder for your planning. Make a list of all your work experience, skills, and achievements. Then, using this list, think about what you want to do in the way of a job. Will you be working for someone else, or be self-employed? What area or field do you want to work in? Will this be a full-time or part-time job? Also, you stand your best chance of creating a job where there is a need for this particular skill or job. Look into up-and-coming fields or check out businesses in the area to see what is missing and fill that void.

2. Gather your resources. Once you have a fairly clear idea of what you want in the way of a job, you need to prepare. Do you have an up-to-date resume? Do you have friends, relatives, or associates that may be able to help you? Do you need to take any courses or complete additional training in the field?

3. Now you're ready to go, get up and do it! Creating your own job often requires you to be assertive (not aggressive) and seek out opportunities. Be kind to everyone you meet so you can gain an excellent reputation in your community. Networking is key at this stage. Maintain ongoing professional relationships with your business contacts/colleagues and be sure to meet all expectations and deadlines. Be sure to sell your services effectively, but do not be pushy or rude to anyone.

4. Be flexible. If you can't make a go of it in one area, don't beat yourself up. There are many reasons the job you are attempting to create may not work out. For one thing, if the job is too specific or 'niche' for most people/businesses, you are likely not going to succeed. There is also the danger of overextending yourself, or focusing on too broad a target instead, so be sure to find a happy medium. Do some research. If you are looking to create a job within an existing business, don't be too disappointed if you are turned down. With the current state of the economy, many businesses are letting employees go, and may not be able to take on another person. Don't take the rejection personally. Finally, you may lack the proper training required for a the job. If you want to become a freelance writer, for example, but have absolutely no experience in writing for publications, you are not likely to be successful without a few courses or articles to your name beforehand.

5. Keep your eyes open. Even if your job is a success and you are making money, a better opportunity may present itself. If you feel you can do better some other way or you see a great new idea that will make you even more money, take it! Many successful venture capitalists simply buy, sell, and merge businesses constantly and become extremely successful.

There are three main types of jobs you can create for yourself:

o Creating a position in an existing company. This is a good option that can secure you steady pay and good benefits. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to areas where the company may be able to use more help. For example, if you were knowledgeable about computers and a company was using obsolete technology, you could propose to the company a job where you could update their computer systems and continually monitor and maintain them afterward. It's all about filling out that companies need.

o Freelance. Freelance jobs are, in a basic sense, when you are hired on a temporary contract to perform certain duties for a company. You do your job, they pay you a sum. This type of job is great if you want to travel the world, as you can look for jobs anywhere and move around a lot. You can also choose how little or how much you want to work, depending on how much you want to earn and how much time off you want. However, you usually need to be skilled in a field that typically hires freelancers. Photography and writing are the most common types of freelance jobs.

o Start your own business. Whether it be cutting lawns in your neighborhood or selling services to companies worldwide, this is probably the most surefire way to create a job for yourself. The key to starting a successful business is to find a need or void in the market that you could fill. Do you have a great new invention, or could you improve on an existing one? Do you love food and want to open a trendy restaurant? Are you great at making jewelry and want to sell it online? It's true that to start a new business you might need to invest money. Though If you plan right and keep your expense to a minimal, overtime it will pay off.

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