Monday, January 27, 2014

How To Dress Fashionably While Working in a Factory

Many women since the war years had to take up tough jobs in factories under-not-so-pleasant and even dangerous conditions. Most of these jobs that were once done by men now were given to women. Since then women switched their aprons for the unattractive manly looking overalls. But then came Miss Leser and made things better.

Stripe overalls push-up pants with elastic belt and patch pocket
In 1953 LIFE magazine had the article Factory Fashionistas which featured fashion designer Tina Leser, who showed that dressing for work — even if that work was on a factory floor — didn’t necessarily mean sacrificing a sense of style. The designer who was known for designing fashion worn in resorts, came up with Fashions For Industry, a stylish work clothes for women working in factories.

Miss Leser changed the boxy shapeless overalls to a more fitted and stylish design. The coveralls that she designed was so that it could be worn during other activities like for instance gardening, painting, shopping and even sailing,

Here is the lowdown on how to be comfortable and still be fashionable in the workplace:

  1. Fitted Clothes. Not too baggy, nor tight. But just right.
  2. Choose clothes that emphasize a waist. Add a belt.
  3. Wear Fun, vibrant, bold colors.
  4. Fashionable pattern and designs. Stripe, plaid, twill.
  5. Comfortable breathable fabric. Cotton keeps body cool. Flannel is warm and soft. Merino Wool Socks keeps tootsie dry.
  6. Stylish Accessories. Newsboy cap. Straw basket instead of lunch box. Colorful scarf, gloves.
  7. Makeup, why not. And hand and body lotion keeps skin from chaffing. 

Places where to buy stylish work clothes:


Front: Striped ticking and tan twill. Back: Plaid denim and blue denim.

Straw Basket:

Replace standard lunch boxes with a straw basket


Newsboy Cap keeps hair in place 

A little fun fashion with overalls by Bananarama from their 80's hit song Cruel Summer. Enjoy!

Source: Photos and research information taken by the April 1953 Life Magazine. Youtube video Cruel Summer by Bananarama.