Monday, January 18, 2010

Recession Proof Businesses and Jobs

Consider to starting your ow business? Want to know which business are flourishing? According to Newsweek these are the Recession proof businesses

1-Food Treats: Like Ice cream.

2-Beauty Treats: Lipsticks Products and Nail Salons.

3-Entertainment Industry: Movies and Video Games.

4-Alcohol beverages.

5-Funeral Services.

6-Health Care.


8-Recovery Specialist: Repossession firms, auctioneers and foreclosed homes and debt consolidation companies.

9-Retailers: Not all. Though discount retailers like dollar stores and big box chain stores like Walmart.

10-Exclusives products such as Prada and Hermes.

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According to Mercer a global human resource says that the best Industries are for this economy are:

1-Health Care

2-Oil and Gas



The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the best jobs are:

2- Home health aides
5-Computer Software Engineers

The 150 Best Recession Proof

According to Times, the best recession-proof jobs are those that are least sensitive to economic downturn, and which have the highest combined scores for pay, projected workforce growth, and number of openings.

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