Thursday, January 24, 2013

Meet Entrepreneur & Interior Decorator Mily Gordon

Birmingham, Alabama

Meet the very talented and creative Mily Gordon from Birmingham, Alabama. As an Interior Decorator Mily makes sure to tailor her decorating projects so that it would fit her client's specific needs, budget and goals, without breaking a sweat. Well, not completely. Read about the rewards and challenges of being an Interior Decorator.

What do you like the most about being an interior decorator?

I enjoy finding unique furnishings and accessories for my clients. To see everything in place on the day of the installation, and a satisfied customer, is very rewarding.

Where do you get inspiration for your decorating projects?

Magazines and television. I also get ideas on the latest trends at trade shows. I get inspired when I look at my client's space and listen to their needs. It immediately gives me a mental picture of the potential.

What is your favorite decorating style?

I would have to say I am drawn to a simple traditional look with a hint of urban rustic.

What do you find challenging?

Working on a deadline can be a challenge. Especially if things have to be special ordered. Scheduling contractors and supervising the project also presents a challenge.

Describe to us one of your favorite projects. How did the project start? And what was the outcome?

I had the chance to work on a client's lake house. The family enjoyed it for many years and they were now ready for a new home. I was involved in the selection of the layout of the rooms, bricks, floors, colors of the wall and trim. I shopped for furnishings. It was so much fun!

Where and how do you shop for the best deal for furniture and home decor?

Consignment shops, such as Renaissance Consignment & Marketplace, are great places to shop for quality pieces. I also shop at specialty stores.

What can folks on a tight budget do to decorate their home?

Have a professional decorating consultation and take the ideas and do it yourself. Also inquire if a store has a layaway plan.

What have you learned over the years in being an interior decorator?

Cheap is not always best. Even if it takes longer to complete the desired look, at the end, it is worth the wait! 

What makes a successful interior decorator?

I have had the privilege to work with repeat customers throughout the years. I must be doing something right.  

Tell us the rewards of being an interior decorator.

I helped a mother to decorate her baby's nursery. One of the rewards from that project is that I am now auntie Mily. It is as if I become part of the family.

What other endeavors are you undertaken?

I'm launching Mily's Boutique, an online shop for new and gently used high-end clothes.

Mily Gordon's Websites, Boutique & Contact Information:

Decorating Website & Portfolio:  Decor By Mily Gordon

Mily's Online Shop:  Mily's Boutique

Mily's Favorite Shop:  Renaissance Consignment & Marketplace


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